Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo- The Final Update

After another on-and-off year of development, the last major update has been released, and with it the game has earned, in true retro arcade game fashion, another subtitle. Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo features many small improvements and bug fixes, along with a few major additions, including-

  • Three new ships (because 14 apparently wasn't enough): 
    • Black, a slow, powerful tank with adjustable laser pods. Release the fire button to charge a large piercing shot.
    • White, a fragile speedster. Release the fire button to give his primary fire an arcing electricity effect.
    • Chrome, and all-rounder. Release the fire button to lock on her multi-targeting homing lasers.
  • Focus: charging your Hyper weapon also charges a limited bullet time function that helps for getting out of tight spots
  • Boss Rush
  • More art updates

And with this, Super Galaxy Squadron is Finally Actually Done. Thanks to everyone who's played the game over these last two and a half years, and I hope you continue enjoying it.


Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo 65 MB
Jun 24, 2017

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Is this also for free, when I bought the first SGS?