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I really like this game. Not popular game, but I enjoy this game very much. Just in my opinion, first version is better than lastest build. This game always get rid of my stress.

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I have purchased Super Galaxy Squadron Classic before EX was released. How can I download EX-Version?

It doesn´t show on my Collection. You said it will be free for all who purchased SGS before EX was released.

In fact, I just bought SGS because I wanted SGS Ex. When I had known that it is such pain in the a.., then I would have waited with the purchse.

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It should be in the download page for SGS, since it's a second build there rather than a separate item in the collection (from what I've seen, that's the only way to handle it, and if it's not showing up for you let me know and I can just send a code for EX)

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Thank you very much. I don´t wanted to be a dick, I just like your game ;-)

Thanks again for this nice shmup and please go on with developing nice shmup´s.



Are you sure you didn't rip the source code off of an arcade machine and port it to PC? Because this is a DAMN fluid shooter!

Everything: graphics, sounds, controls, mechanics, everything is near-perfect!

I don't know what else to say. Love it!